Transfer From Bajos del Toro to...

Arenal: Visiting Cultour (Casona Rio Fortuna)

Guests will be picked up at El Silencio and transported to Arenal. We will drive west towards Venecia and Aguas Zarcas. Shortly before we reach La Fortuna we will visit the "Cultour" at Casona Río Fortuna.

Cultour is a fascinating farm, owned by a Costa Rican Family-the Molina Herreras. It offers a fascinating farm experience that allows guests to learn and live about life in a rural community. Guests will visit the farm´s sugar cane mill and learn about the process of making sugar. They will visit a local school and share with its students. They will also meet a family that owns an organic cultivation. Back at Cultour, they will visit the farmhouse-"La Casona", a beautiful historic residence, previously owned by former president of Costa Rica,Rafael Iglesias. They will enjoy a delicious Costa Rican lunch at La Casona, cooked the old fashion way on a wood stove and served in on a banana leaf. They will also taste freshly brewed coffee and homemade coffee liquor.

Finally guests will be transferred to their Arenal hotel.

Includes: private transportation, guide, lunch.

Arenal: Visiting Peñas Blancas River Floating Adventure

Guests will be picked up at El Silencio and transferred to Arenal through a scenic road that passes along small towns and farms.

We will make a stop at a Muelle where guests will hop in a river raft and navigate across the Peñas Blancas River. They will enjoy the sights and the sounds of the rainforest and experience its peacefulness as they quietly paddle the Peñas Blancas River. They will have great chances to spot monkeys, sloths, iguanas, crocodiles, morpho butterflies and numerous tropical birds.

Finally we will later travel to Arenal.

Includes: private transportation, guide, snacks.