Costa Rica - Panama

• Feel the magic and the power of the Costa Rican active volcanoes

• Get an authentic experience exploring the nature of Costa Rica

• Enjoy the beauties of the relaxing yet vibrant “pura vida” Pacific Coast

• Discover endemic wildlife in isolated islands in Panama

• Transit the Canal and have your own private experience

• Fly over the most photographed archipelago on the Panamanian Caribbean Coast and get a closer view of the Kuna Tribe

Day 01: Arrival: Welcome To Paradise

Arrival to the SAN JOSE International Airport. A representative from Costa Rican Trails will meet you at the airport and provide a private land transfer to Alajuela.

Overnight at Poas Volcano Lodge 
Master suite. Breakfast included.

Day 02: Pacuare: Helicopter Flight Through The Jungle

Magical morning on a helicopter flight through the active volcanoes of the Central Valley to the jungle. Flight over Poas volcano and the lush vegetation around the crater of the Barva Volcano. Continue our flight around the city and prepare to cross the Irazu Volcano National Park to get to the Caribbean coast. As the end of this breathtaking excursion comes, you may have the chance to see one of two of the secluded Indian villages settled in the Talamanca Mountain Range.  Once at the lodge, you may decide to get a bird-eyed view from the tree tops, get a massage or simply go horseback riding through the private reserve.


Overnight at Pacuare Lodge

Linda Vista Suite. Full board included

Day 03: Pacuare: Visiting The Cabecar Indians

Be ready for a hike along the same trails the Cabecar Indians have used for centuries, and get know a Zutkia, the Cabecar Medicine man, to learn about the customs and traditions that are at heart of the Cabecar´s bond with naturefull


The Talamanca Mountains are host to the Cabecar Indians, the largest indigenous group in Costa Rica, and one that retains many of its traditional customs and beliefs. In contrast to many other indigenous groups, the Cabecar do not live in villages, but prefer small family units scattered throughout this isolated region. The Zutkia, or shaman, plays a multifaceted role in Cabecar culture as priest, magician, metaphysician or healer. From the Pacuare Lodge it is possible to visit an isolated family group to learn about their way of life, as well as enjoying the alluring tropical rainforest. A percentage of the tour cost goes directly to the Cabecar family and will be invested in sustainable projects with this community.


Overnight at Pacuare Lodge

Linda Vista. Full board included

Day 04: Pacuare: White-Water Rafting

Feel the excitement of the rafts of one of the best rivers to go white-water rafting. Spend your morning paddling and swimming in natural pools before we make our way back to San Jose. Depart Pacuare Lodge around 10:30am and experience the white water magic as you discover the excitement of thrilling rapids coursing through rugged canyons and verdant tropical rainforests on one of the most exotic and scenic rivers in the world. Located in Costa Rica’s Atlantic region, the wild and scenic Pacuare River offers some of the finest rapids in Latin America.


Overnight at Hotel Grano de Oro

Deluxe room. Breakfast included

Day 05: Santa Teresa: Sun And Chic Places

Charter flight from San Jose to Tambor followed by a private land transfer to this beach hidden gem.


Overnight at Hotel Flor Blanca

Deluxe 1 bedroom VillaBreakfast included.

Day 06: Santa Teresa: Surf And Yoga

Enjoy either a morning yoga session or a surf class


Costa Rica has long been known as one of the premier surf destinations in the world, and more recently the break at Santa Teresa has been discovered as the new place to surf. Within l00 yards of Flor Blanca's villa doors is a two mile break with surfing year round. They provide lessons for beginners and assistance for all who want to learn. Bring your own board if you are an accomplished surfer though they do have some starter boards for those who just want to give it a try. Call and ask for one of their top staff surfers to discuss your level, what you are looking for, and the best time of year the catch it. Surfing is a Flor Blanca tradition and becoming a legend. Dropping in at sunrise or sunset, the day will be unforgettable.


Yoga has been central to the culture and the daily routine of Flor Blanca since the opening, evidenced by a seaside open air yoga dojo and a centerpiece of the property.  Santa Teresa, and this resort specifically is a lifestyle of activity for the mind and the body and the exceptional yoga and Pilates classes will allow you to stretch both that body and soul. Their instructors are internationally trained and offer free classes daily.  They also will schedule private sessions for groups, couples or individuals. At the gift shop you will find yoga attire and jewelry items of your liking. Yoga at Florblanca will be one of the highlights of your stay!


Overnight at Hotel Flor Blanca

Deluxe 1 bedroom VillaBreakfast included.

Day 07: Santa Teresa: Relaxing


A path leads to the wide beach where you can walk or jog for miles, while collecting shells, beach glass and smooth stones. Should you wish to get wet, natural pools formed at low tide which serve as calm waters. There are lounge chairs, towels, lotions and food and drink service on the beach at Flor Blanca's entrance.



The serene setting of the swimming pool is a favorite spot for sunning, swimming, reading, eating lunch or enjoying a cocktail. There are towels, lounges and umbrella tables for your comfort.



There are several mountain bikes for rent that you may take off the property for an adventurous ride on our infamous Costa Rican roads. The hotel has numerous cruiser bikes for your use at no charge, even a couple of bikes built for two.


Overnight at Hotel Flor Blanca

Deluxe 1 bedroom VillaBreakfast included.

Day 08: Flight Tambor-San Jose

flight to the SAN JOSE International Airport

Overnight  Finca Rosa Blanca hotel 1 Master Suite Breakfast included

Day 09: Flight SJO-Panama city

Transfer to San Jose airport. (international flight to Panama city is not included)

Upon arrival to Panama, a representative of Panama Trails will pick you up at the airport and transfer you to your city hotel for your first night in Panama.


Panama City is the capital and largest city in the country. It is home to a diverse blend of cultures and an enormous historical sector in the Old City. The lively and vibrant banking district on the other hand is very modern and often compared to Miami. Panama City is a thrilling location you will surely enjoy dur-ing your visit to this gorgeous country.


Overnight at Las Clementinas 

Deluxe Apartment . Breakfast included.

Day 10: Panama City: Agua Clara "Panama Canal Expansion" & City Tour

In the morning, your guide will pick you up at the hotel to take you to the impressive Agua Clara Visitor Center located on the Atlantic side of the Panama Canal. The Agua Clara Visitor Center is a place where the Panama Canal has made it clear that both its legacy and its grandeur will continue to bear fruit for the world. With an unparalleled view, this place is waiting for you and all those who want to enjoy a pleasant experience enriched with interesting facts, but especially by being part of the history of the route that unites the world. The center offers a breathtaking panoramic view that contrasts two particular scenarios that generate mixed feelings. On one side you will find the famous Gatun Lake, where cargo ships or other vessels transit every day, while on the other side, but from a different perspective, you will be amazed by the view of the expansion works. Beyond its surprising technology or colossal machinery, you will be astonished by the work of thousands of people, who with discipline and determination head towards the same goal to make Panama stronger and Panamá worthy of admiration. After the impressive viewpoint, pamper yourself and be captivated by all those things that the Agua Clara visitor center has to offer. At the projection room you can learn about the history and efforts of thousands of men and women that have marked the Canal's first century and, of course, plans in the near and distant future. Throughout your visit, watch for the walls and exhibits with interesting information that will amaze you. Walk through the ecological path, with a variety of plants and species that makes the trail an adventure with great scenery and breathtaking views; identify the different species gathered thereindigenous of the area of the Canal watershed.


To continue the tour you will be taken to the Casco Antiguo, where you feel set back in time as you admire the lovely colonial houses, the narrow roads and the impressive churches. You will get a good idea about Panama’s history by driving or walking through the main attractions of this quarter. A delicious lunch will be served in a distinctive local restaurant. After the visits you will be taken back to your hotel.  


Important Note: Depending on ship traffic in the locks the order of the tour might be inverted to assure that the clients will see ships in the locks.


Overnight at Las Clementinas  

Deluxe Apartment . Breakfast included.

Day 11: Portobelo: Train Excursion

Scenic train through the jungle and visit to Portobelo village. Undertake a train trip on the historical and original railway course from Panama City to Colón. This 1-hour travel leads you through the jungle and along the Panama Canal. This course was finished in 1855. The French Panama Canal company had acquired the railway line in 1880, as an assistance to build the Canal. In 1998, Panama privatized the railway line and renewed it completely. Since 2001, the course is again passable and a unique attraction.

After the beautiful train trip, you will continue with your guide from Colón to the port of Portobelo. This port was the gathering point of the Peruvian treasures in the 15th century. The gold and silver was shipped from here towards the metropolis of the empire, and in addition, Portobelo was the center of control and inspection of the goods, which arrived from Spain. The ruin complex is built and set up in the middle of the tropical jungle and covers a set of fortresses, castles and military bases.

Important Note: This tour is only operated from Monday to Friday.


Overnight at El Otro Lado Private Retreat

Sun House. Breakfast included.

Day 12: Portobelo Ruins & Work Shop

Enjoy this art tour with The Portobelo Bay Foundation, we have organized an art workshop with a young local artist who will teach you to prepare handiworks made of wood, and paint it in Portobelian footings. If you want to give free rein to your creativity, learn something new, and create a unique piece that is 100% Portobelo, let us help. Besides, memories are experiences that you will keep forever.  


Overnight at El Otro Lado Private Retreat

Sun House. Breakfast included.

Day 13: Portobelo: Relaxing

Free day to enjoy the hotel facilities and its surroundings. Outdoor activities such as fishing, navigating by the mangroves, hiking, observing unique birds, enjoying a picnic on the beach, diving at coral reefs or submerging in the water together with professional scuba divers with the chance to see shipwreck treasures. Enjoy canoe races, Congo dance, impressive sunsets. Discover Portobelo and its fortifications… Just the perfect group of touristic activities at Portobelo Panama


Overnight at El Otro Lado Private Retreat

Sun House. Breakfast included.

Day 14: Departure

Private land transfer direct to the TOCUMEN International Airport