Rio Perdido

Rio Perdido is set on over 600 acres of rare dwarf forest and rocky canyon lands, just south of the imposing (and largely unexplored) Miravalles Volcano.  Rio Perdido means “lost river”; this is the unique centerpiece of the private reserve, as it is the setting for Guanacaste's largest network of hot water, mineral springs.  In this canyon, almost 5000 gallons of 120 degree water spring every minute, and it all happens before your eyes on the canyon’s rock walls and white-sanded river-bed.The hotel is a true Ecolodge; one of the few examples of zero-movement development in the region.  The bungalow concept was developed with the utmost respect for modern techniques in sustainability.  Guests are constantly invited to explore undisturbed nature, which is just outside the bungalow door, in any direction that you may take.We aim to offer the absolute best experience in wellness and adventure.  We believe that the two must coexist in harmony in order for the human spirit to be at it’s optimum state.  So this process of nurturing your soul will go well beyond our amazing therapeutic treatments at the spa and fresh, healthy cuisine at our restaurant.  Take the time to explore sections of our trail system, which offers beautiful walks of as little as 200 yards, to full-day expeditions to more removed destinations, including the Medicinal Spring and the “Las Tumbas Panoramic Lookout”.  Finally, for those looking to stimulate a bit of adrenaline production, we have our three main, onsite tours: The Canyon Adventure (zip-lines, tarzan swing, challenge bridge, etc), White Water Tubing (beyond fun), and the world-class Rio Perdido Bike Park.

What We Love


• The unique 150ft deep thermal canyon with literally dozens of completely natural hot water river pools.• Rio Perdido is the recipient of architectural awards from Central America: Bienal de Arquitectura, Gran Premio Nacional & The René Frank Award in Design and Development.• The Rio Perdido culinary team believes in using fresh, local ingredients to create delicious fare that is based on local/authentic recipes.• According to scientists, Rio Perdido efforts to reforest their private reserve with native species have been very successful and it is clear that the local fauna is now thriving.  • Unique and exciting adventure options originate onsite.  Rio Perdido is one of the first in the continent to use carbon fibre zip-lines and they observe the strictest global safety standards.




Besides the zero-land-movement development of the hotel, Rio Perdido employs the following elements and techniques to insure a truly low-impact operation: native species reforestation, high-efficiency inverter A/C systems in bungalows with body sensors, effective cooling architecture in common areas, LED illumination, highly effective water-treatment, special night illumination techniques that insure safety, no use of harmful chemicals (including industrial pesticides and herbicides), silent carbon fibre zip-lines, electric vehicles, local ingredients for our restaurant…and the hiring of 90% local staff.



Rio Perdido Bungalows are one-of-a-kind structures designed for minimal maintenance requirements, maximized efficiency, and very low ground impact, as they are suspended on a 7-pilon system.  The bungalows are cozy yet comfortable.  The design feels very clean and modern, yet warmth is conserved.  Terraces are well-liked with 2 hammocks that make it a good place to read a book or simply observe the nature and wildlife.  Bungalow materials and architecture insure that rooms always feel dry and fresh.  We have invested in a 20-mile fibre-optic line that feeds an internal fibre-optic network.  This is perhaps the most modern communications system available today, with ipTV, ip-phone, and truly high-speed wifi.  Beds are on industrial rollers that can convert a twin setup into a king bed bungalow.  This is our own invention and it makes the rooms even more versatile.  Natural lighting is great and blackouts provide great privacy as well as the right ambiance to sleep in, if you need the morning off.

Suites feature:

20 bungalows, spa, restaurant and bar, adventure activities and thermal pools, artisan shop, laundry service.

Signature Cuisine

Our veteran bartenders have each proposed a series of cocktails.  A handful of these have made it into our RP Signature list, including the Rio Perdido, the Danny, the Sergio, and our version of the Cucumber Collins.Among our more memorable food options are choices from our wellness menu, including the Causa Perdido, our version of the Peruvian favorite, in which potato is substituted with cassava and yautia.  This menu also offers a very special cucumber gazpacho.  A breakfast highlight is the Green Papaya Picadillo, which is an authentic, local dish.  Our Angus filet mignon seems to make people very happy as do our vegetarian dishes.  The Canyon Bar menu boast the best patacones in the region as well as plantain ceviche served with taro chips, and burger sliders on home-made buns

Off Site Activities

The trails at Rio Perdido will take hikers on epic voyages that will include panoramic lookouts of the canyonlands, hanging bridges, the amazing Medicinal Spring with its lightly carbonated/highly-mineralized water, the remnants of a 150 year old hacienda outpost (small house), and guaranteed sights of diverse fauna.  Also included for guests are the trail fees for the awesome Rio Perdido Bike Park.  Most importantly, visitors can spend as much time as they like on what may be the world’s only thermal canyon.  People seem to fall into trance when they dip in the magical, warm river pools.    

For those looking to stimulate a bit of adrenaline production, we have our three main, onsite tours: The Canyon Adventure (zip-lines, tarzan swing, challenge bridge, etc), White Water Tubing (beyond fun), and the world-class Rio Perdido Bike Park.