Pacuare Lodge

Tucked awaydeep in the heart of the rainforest, Pacuare Lodge combines the privacy of an eco-retreat with earthy luxury and an array of outdoor adventures. The resort lies on the banks of the Pacuare River, in a private 840 acres rainforest reserve, home to numerous rare species. Getting there is part of the magical experience; as it takes a half-day rafting ride down the Pacuare River, recognized as one the most beautiful raftable rivers in the world. The river flows through dense rainforests, narrow canyons, and by crystalline waterfalls.Pacuare Lodge was designed to blend majestically with its verdant surroundings and to minimize its impact on nature.   It´s thatched roof bungalows offer an experience that is rustic yet extravagant, blending the remoteness of the breathtaking setting with utter comforts and style. Inside each thatched roof bungalow there are airy spaces, hard wood flooring, and creamy soft linen on curtained beds. Magnificent decks for viewing nature are attached to each suite and provide a serene and reflective space to watch the secrets of the forest unfold.

What We Love


• The rafting is unforgettable! • This is a unique opportunity to be secluded in the heart of the rainforest, but with creature comforts, fine wines, and excellent food. • At night, the staff will light up a myriad of lanterns and candles in your room, shining out a promise of romance and coziness.         • Each bungalow-suite stands independently, to ensure complete privacy while optimizing the 360 degree views of the rainforest. • The activities they offer are surprising, like the hike to the indigenous community of Cabecar, the canopy tours, or the horseback riding.

Press and Awards

• Conde Nast Traveler magazine, Top list of World Savers Awards. • Outside Traveller Magazine 2008, "the archetypical greener than-thou-resort". • The Observer, September 2008,  "Could there be anything more exhilarating or romantic ?"


The Pacuare Lodge runs many initiatives designed to minimize the environmental impact of local tourism, from recycling and renewable energy to community initiatives. They protect 840 acres of primary rainforest and illuminate bungalows with candles and lanterns in order to minimize the use of electricity. They have reforested former pastures along the Pacuare River and have reintroduced howler monkeys to the area. They have been recognized by the World Tourism Organization as one of only sixty-five examples throughout the world of good practice in sustainability and ecotourism, certified by the Zeitz Foundation of Germany and the Rainforest Alliance. They have achieved 5 leaves of sustainable tourism from the local tourism board (ICT).  


Each bungalow-suite stands independently, to ensure complete privacy while optimizing the infinite green views. Inside each thatched roof bungalow there are airy spaces, hard wood flooring, and creamy soft linen. All suites include a charming private veranda with hammocks and rattan furniture. An en-suite bathroom promises the luxury of a deep, warm bath either indoors or al fresco.For the ultimate in eco-luxury, the signature honeymoon suites have a spring-fed plunge pool.Bungalow-suites feature:• Private decks with a 360º view of the jungle • King-size bed • Upscale bathroom with indoor and outdoor showers • 300-thread Egyptian cotton linens • Deluxe mattress • Hypo allergenic pillows • Bathrobes • Mini bar • Room safe The host provides:• Transportation from and to San José • Bilingual guide • Pacuare River rafting tours • Daily homemade breakfast, lunch, and dinner • Soft drink, coffee and tea

Suites feature:

2 story main building with dining area and open-air lounge on the second floor, all-inclusive dining and optional tours available on-property: canopy tour, hiking tours, horseback-riding tours, bird-watching and others

Signature Cuisine

Pacuare lodge takes top honors for its innovative Costa Rica-fusion cuisine. From fresh seafood to chicken curry with basmati rice, every meal promises to delight.We recommend the romantic dinner by the riverbank, where guests can enjoy of an exquisite candle-lit meal under the stars, with a small fire crackling nearby and the soothing sounds of flowing water behind

Off Site Activities

The Pacuare Canopy Adventure Tour  This is an experience like no other! The tour runs along a series of transverse cables where guest will glide over the rainforest. It starts with a safety orientation, and a demonstration of all the safety guidelines. Action begins with a 20-minute walk through Pacuare's tropical rainforest up to the first platform. Guests will admire magnificent scenes of the untamed lands that surround the eco lodge. It is a haven for bird watchers and nature seekers that offers a magnificent glimpse of Costa Rica's biological diversity. Guests will enjoy a ride full of adrenaline highs and dramatic views of the rainforest's canopy. They will experience the great adventure of rappelling down from the treetops and sliding along cables from tree to tree. The Cabecar Indian-Reserve Tour The Talamanca Mountains are home to the Cabecar Indians, one of the largest indigenous communities of Costa Rica. The Cabecars retain most of their traditions and beliefs. This experience is a great opportunity to visit the Cabecar Indians hiking through wonderful grounds that have been owned by them since the dawn of time. Guests will meet a "Zutkia" (shaman), and learn about his natural remedies and his multifaceted role as priest, magician, and healer. The Zutkia speaks Spanish and Cabecar, his native tongue; therefore, the expert guide will translate during the exchange. They will also gather with Cabecar families. A percentage of the income from the tour is given to the Cabecar families or invested in sustainable projects in their community. Bird Watching Tour Guests will start the tour enjoying an aromatic cup of Costa Rican coffee, while feeling the mystic morning dewdrops. Action begins with a short session of stretching and relaxation exercises. A knowledgeable naturalist guide will lead guests through wonderful forest trails where they will be able to see a variety of rare bird species and indigenous flora and fauna. Guests will listen to the fascinating tunes of the Montezuma Oropendula bird, which nests in the tree tops, and they will spot an extraordinary variety of exotic bird species like the Sun Bittern, Red-throated Ant-Tanager, Black-cheeked Woodpecker, and a variety of colorful toucans. The guide carries a telescope and binoculars.   Horseback Riding Tour To start the tour guests will cross the Pacuare River in a picturesque gondola—an experience unto itself! On the other side of the river, they will ride their horses helped by a local horseman. A guide will lead the group along a shady path with beautiful views of the Pacuare River and the protected forest. The first part of the ride they will climb up to point from which they can view the tiny community of Bajo del Tigre. They will make a stop on the way at a refreshing waterfall, where they will be able to enjoy a revitalizing plunge. They will continue through secondary forests and fields until arriving at this small community