Kasiiya Papagayo

Kasiiya Papagayo, located on the southern tip of the Papagayo Golf 40 minutes away from Liberia Airport, offers eight eco-friendly, exclusive, and spacious suites on 123 acres of property.
Guests have access to two beaches.

Absorb breath-taking vistas overlooking two untouched beaches that stretch well over a kilometre. Experience a taste of the forest with gourmet meals prepared by your private chef and served in lush surroundings. Your hosts are on hand 24 hours a day to make your stay as effortless as possible. Relax at the heart of the most biodiverse landscape on the planet and wake up to the sights and sounds of wildlife. A rare opportunity to experience the wonders of natural existence in harmony with luxury in the heart of a tropical forest. - this is Kasiiya.

What We Love


A sense of exclusivity, 5 rooms, 55 hectares, 3 beaches.

A unique location, Punta Gorda being part of our property, all divers know its importance

A sustainable approach to the development, and the operation, clkean energy, water, no concrete in the construction, no trees taken out.

A team selected and trained with great care, to be knowledgeable, kind and discreet.



Our design is aimed at striking the right balance between wilderness and comfort. We only use solar power, rain water storage, and we have not used any concrete for our construction, this is to stay within the “live and leave” concept of a camp.

Our building concept is evolutionary, so we will change and improve the existing and future suites (5 now and a maximum of 20 by 2022) as the technology evolves. We chose not to build too much at the start to slowly integrate the ecosystem and leave the time for it to adapt to us, a bit like a village. Not one single tree was taken down during the construction.



We have used regionally supplied wood from sustainable forest. Our toilet system do not need sceptic tank and use a biodegradable process.


Optional if too long (We have seen the local animal population stay stable while we were building and are proud to have started a conservation program for our turtles nesting on our beach. We have two races of monkeys, wild cats, puma and many other animals on the property. The ocean is full of life all around the year.)


There are three suites on our eight hundred meters Beach, fifty meters away from our own snorkelling spot. The other two suites have sunset views from a one hundred meters cliff.


The room was designed to “nudge” the attention of the guest towards the nature it is immersed in.

We chose the tents as a basic structure, even though we have enhanced its global engineering, to allow nature rhythm the day of our guests.

All the furniture and fabrics were designed by AW2 and bring an appeasing feel to the stay.


The host invites: 

Daily Housekeeping

Laundry service

Full board (alcoholic drinks and smoothies are not included)

A cooler with chilled beverages refreshed once daily in the room and snacks

Private transfer to and from Liberia International Airport included

Rate also includes free use of sport facilities such as snorkeling, kayaking, tree climbing, wireless internet access in guest rooms and public space

Welcome kit: radio, headlamp, insect repellent

Suites feature:

The property includes, Spa and healing retreat, specially designed fitness program and platform for our local animals inspired movement. We have two restaurants to enjoy sunrise, sunset and the rare moon rise at the same time of sunset in March.


The rooms of around 100 sqm each are with AC, outdoor shower and for two of them indoor as well, private terrace, and all furniture uniquely designed and built for Kasiiya.

Signature Cuisine

The cooking team serves creative fresh local and international menus sourced by local farms, and uses organic ingredients in 90% of the dishes in our two restaurants. Experience dining in settings as memorable as the cuisine

The restaurants offer a peaceful and natural environment to enjoy a relaxing sunrise breakfast, delicious lunch by the beach or a romantic sunset dinner.

The gourmet and varied dishes cater to all requirements.

Off Site Activities

Our original Yoga sessions set under a tree go back to the roots, we also provide Movement classes inspired by the animals living at Kasiiya…

Our Indigenous Healing and Wellness programs take place in the jungle where the weather is cooler, and all associated products are locally sourced.

Our guide onsite will alert you to the event of the day in the sea or on land, our ecosystem being very much alive, every day there is an adventure to live.

Our food, mostly from locally produced ingredients, is inspired by the land and the weather.

One of our desserts relates earth, rocks and rain.