Guayabo Archeological Monument

Guayabo is Costa Rica's most important archeological site. It is located in Turrialba on the Caribbean slopes of Costa Rica. The site is of great archeological and cultural importance even though only a very small portion of the city has been uncovered and studied. The monument covers 540 acres (218 ha) and is located on the forested southern slope of Turrialba Volcano. The settlement was occupied between 1000 BC and 1400 AD after which it was mysteriously abandoned. The reason is still unclear and the Spanish Conquistadors and settlers did not leave any record as to whether they found the ruins. The pre-history and significance of the site are still unclear; however it seems to have been inhabited since 1000 BC. Guayabo's development peaked c. 800 AD with approximately 10,000 people living there. Abandoned by 1400 AD, Guayabo is believed to be an important cultural, political and religious center but specific details have yet to be discovered.


The site contains a wide array of stone paved streets, round platforms which were the base for wooden structures, aqueducts, ponds, carved stone designs and drawings of animals. On the guided tour doing a 2 hour walk you will be able to admire the mysterious site and the magical rainforest that surround the area. 

Included: Transportation, entrances, and guide

Pacuare River rafting Adventure

The trip down this wild and scenic river offers some of the finest white water rafting in Latin America and takes you past luxuriant rainforest, crystalline waterfalls and dense vegetation covering the sides of steep gorges. Once we pick you up from your hotel, you'll ride in our bio-diesel bus past lovely mountain scenery to a rustic restaurant where you'll enjoy a typical Costa Rican breakfast made with organic ingredients. We'll then drive you to the Pacuare River put-in site, where our expert river guides will give you a quick course in white water rafting and safety before you begin your 18-mile journey down that spectacular waterway. You'll float past pristine tropical forest populated by toucans, parrots and other birds where the fast-growing trees absorb more atmospheric carbon than our vehicles emit, making our tours carbon-neutral.


This unforgettable river adventure combines class-II and -IV rapids. We'll break for a healthy lunch by the riverbank in a traditional palm-thatch structure owned by a Cabécar Indian family, who recycle our organic waste and wash dishes so that we don't have to use disposable plates and cups. After we reach the highway, you'll be able to change into dry clothes before we begin our 90-minute drive back to San José. You'll also have a chance to purchase carbon-offset certificates, which finance the planting and care of native trees on deforested land that will absorb tons of atmospheric carbon as they grow, and can offset all the carbon that enters the atmosphere during your Costa Rica vacation.

Included: Transportation, lunch at the river, special equipment, bilingual tour guide and safety kayaker.